Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Best Friend's Birthday Card!

This was made for my best friend, Stacey! She's been a true friend through thick and thin! We are alot alike........and sometimes we have actually shocked ourslves, by thinking the same exact thought about something!! We also have very similiar tastes in things! She's a country girl, happy in her jeans and loafers, just being herself, not putting on any airs. Doesn't wear jewlery, or fancy designer clothes, just a down to earth kinda gal!! And I'm that way too! Anyway......made this card for her....added some floral embellie's to it, and distressed it a little. Love the sentiment inside card, so very true! Put my homemade stamp on back! Sure hope she likes it!!


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! Hope she has a very happy birthday!!

  2. I love the Birdie and the inside too! Wonderful! She is lucky to have you as a friend! True blue.....

  3. Wow! It´s amazing! Gorgeous! I don´t want to stop looking, it´s so lovely!
    You are so good at this! :o)