Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Perfect Tree!!

My daughter and grandson's this year, when they found the tree!! I love that pic with all the snow falling, I think it just looks like "Christmas!" I used my snow tex on the branches from floral department, made those hearts with Prima stamp and water color pencils, used my scalloped scissors and hole punch on all "5" layers of paper! And as always, inked the edges of it all for antique look! Thanks for stoppin' by!

Monday, January 26, 2009

These Are The Moments I Want To Remember Forever

These are my two grandson's, and picture was taken last fall. Tried ti capture the feeling of the fall colors. Trees were just turning. Almost all Prima products. Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This lo took me awhile to do......I did my scalloped edges with holes, and this has "four" layers of background paper, so a little time consuming, but I love the effect! This also has the "Zva Creative" products on it! The crystal heart, adhesive dots, all silk flowers, brads, and word Precious are the Zva line! I made the hearts with my stamp, used my water color pensils on the one. I tucked in a layer of lace with pearls behind second layer. And as always, I inked the edges for the vintage feel! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Box with book inside!

A Christmas box and book I made using Basic Greys Wassail paper.
Made the flowers using the "tree" paper with BG button in the middle. Used the stripe paper to
look like ribbon around the box. I also cut strips of paper and twisted it around a small paint brush to make it look like curly ribbon! I also twisted jute around small paint brush, got it wet, waited till it dried, then when I took it off brush, it stayed twisted! I also cut the round red shapes out of the Wassail paper, placed them randomly. And last but not least, cut circle shapes, then started on outside of circle, cut around and around till I ended up in middle, and it turned into a curly flourish!! Thanks again for stoppin' by!

Baby Boy

This was made with more of the Zva products! They are pretty awesome, love those brads and flourishes!! All the flowers, flourishes, brads, baby boy, and adhesive dots are the Zva line! I once again used my scalloped scissors and hole punch for this lo. I also stitched with my sewing machine around edge of lo. I hand made the hearts and big paper flower. My journaling strips are raised to make a wave effect, and as always, I inked all edges for the antique feel. One thing I forgot; I also added a piece of ribbon, and tucked it along edge of brown paper on bottom!
You have to look close to see it!! Thanks for stoppin' by!

Monday, January 19, 2009

This lo was made using the "Zva Creation" products! The brads, flourishes, the word "new", gold crystals on pics, flowers, and double sided adhesive dots are all Zva products! They are really cool, and I am particularly fond of the brads, so very pretty!! These are my new pets! Because of so much snow, I started feeding them, and the one cow actually eats out of my hand! I used three layers of papers to make the lo. I inked and distressed everything on this lo. I added the floral embellies from florist department, and added my "snow tex", love that stuff! Some of the letters in title were made with my sizzix! The ribbon has an awesome texture, can't tell you where I got it....had it for so long, forgot!!!! I frosted the edges of pics also in photoshop. Thanks for stoppin' by!
This is NOT a pretty lo, but what I was going for was the feel of that "MUD SLIDE" and I feel I did capture it!! It truly looks like mud and debris on this lo!! I had to think awhile to figure out how to capture that image of the mud, trees, logs, and debris floating around me, and after much thought, I came up with it!! First I took a piece of cardboard, tore the top off to expose the inside, then I started inking the whole thing. I inked real heavy in places, and not so heavy in others. Then I took my "Snow Tex" and randomly layered on the piece. I mounted my pics on some Basic Grey Wassail paper, inked it real heavy, and then distressed them. I then placed them randomly, along with the inked title, and adhered them, using Aileen's tacky glue. I then started adding the branches which came from the floral department at craft store. I also used the pieces of paper that I tore off the cardboard inked them VERY heavy, and stuck them here and there, as though they floated there! I also randomly placed leaves, after wrinkling them, and adding a touch of ink. My journaling strips are inked, and attached as to raise them up at intervals to give a wave effect! I know it is for sure not pretty, but I truly think it captures that slide! Thanks for lookin'!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We were warned of an impending storm heading our way that Saturday, so I went out around 4 pm that day and took this picture of our pasture. And sure enough, the next morning we had another two feet added to the already foot of snow on the ground. On this lo, once again some elements from the florist department. Hand cut the snowmen from some paper, added a flourish and some bling, and went crazy with the "Snow Tex!" Added it to the top of lo to look like it had been snowing on it. Also added it to my title letters, and to the small snowballs that the snowmen are throwing in the air to give a 3-D effect! And as always, inked and edged my edges for the vintage feel that I love! Needless to say, cannot wait for spring!!

This is my daughter in laws little dog, who was lucky enough to get to wear the "Horns" on Christmas Day!! I took the saturation down on the picture a bit, so it was a little muted and not so bright. On this lo I also added quite a few floral elements, love to go to the floral department at the craft store to see what's cookin'!! You never know what you might find that would be fun on a lo!! Made a frame on this that was inspired by "Bodil", she does some amazing work! I added some crystal flourishes, flowers, and again, the snow tex for some added texture! I love the background paper, it has such a vintage feel to it, which I love so much. Inked the edges pretty heavy, and distressed them quite a bit. Also did some sewing on this, which also adds another element to lo. Cut the birds out by hand, and just had to add the bow to corner, since after all, it was Christmas! Lo's like this make me feel good, because they are so fun, and remind me of the happy times that day!

This was inspired by all the snow we had dump on us the past couple weeks. Ended up with about three feet total........ugh!! I layered the background papers three deep, with a layer of Prima Lace in the middle of layers to add some depth to the lo. I also added some floral elements, chipboard flourish, and som Snow Tex to add a little something special! I have always been a big fan of details, and one that I truly love to do since day one, has been the use of the chalk inks to edge everything on my lo's. I discovered it at my first convention, and have been hooked on it every since then. Sometimes I will do a heavy ink, and sometimes I don't. Very rarely will you see a lo of mine without the inked edges. It's hard for me not to ink, I just love the effect it gives to the lo. I also love the scalloped edges. You will see that in alot of my background papers. Just another one of my little quirks that I like!! I also find it relaxing to punch all those little holes by hand.......yep, all by hand! This lo has three layers of scalloped edges, time consuming but worth the effort I think!