Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring 2009

Been working the last week or so to get my flowers weeded!!! I let the garden go just a little too long, so it's been a bit of a nightmare getting caught up!! I did a little something different with the Webster's Pages.......sort of a new, meets Vintage attempt! I distressed the Webster's, then I used some pages from an old book I have, chalked them, distressed them and layered them around lo! I added some cut work, a little fairy, and a broom for some whimsy!! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nature....the great outdoors!

I love this picture of my grandson at our favorite lake last summer! Love the shadow effect on him, with lake in the background!! I really wanted a vintage feel to this, so I tea dyed the lace and just glued it down how it laid there! Then I really layered the papers and distressed them quite heavy. I also took some ribbon and jute and laced it through the scalloped edge of background paper. I wasn't happy with how clean the upper right corner of music paper looked, so I poured some of my tea into a saucer, then set my teacup in it, then set it on the lo........looks like the lo's been around forever now!! Pretty easy fix!! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vintage Card

I love this image, so I decided to use it and make a Vintage Card out of it!! I love the girl in this, and the deep rich color of the whole thing!! Did alot of cut work for the embellie's on this,I also distressed the pspers pretty heavy too!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Monday, May 11, 2009 not in the face, it is a light in the heart!

I just turned "56" and for some reason that didn't bother me.........but now I cannot seem to stop thinking about turning "60"! And THAT bothers me! For the life of me, can't figure out why, but it most certainly has been on my mind alot lately!! I feel great.......guess I'm just getting a little fickle!! My daughter bought me a bunch of Webster's Pages for Mother's Day, so used them on this lo!! What fun papers! I did alot of cut work, really distressed and chalked papers, added my fav scalloped edge, and even did a little sewing!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not just a goat....she's Jill!

These are pics of my grandson's Pigmy goat Jill, that I gor him for his borthday many yuears ago!!She's turned out to be one of the family!! She's just an awesome pet!! I got her for Jake when he was two, he's now nine, so she has been in the family for awhile now!! She even gets to come in the house for a few minutes now and then!! She goes right for the pantry.....she knows where the goodies are kept!! I used Graphic 45 papers on this, really chalked and distressed them for a vintage feel!! I did alot of cut work getting a bunch of butterflies to spread around the lo!! I also used a Prima vine on this!! Added some vintage lace and some new lace layered on top of the old!! I went to my old stash of rub-on letters and added those to the lo!! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!! I appreciate it!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A trip to Nostalgia....

I am a memeber of the site "A Vintage Affair" and Ruth has given us a challenge!! She posted some vintage art images that we could choose from to do a lo, and this is the one that I picked!! I added some real vinatage lace, I tea dyed and cut up an old doily for the center of big flower, made the heart and flourishes, added that big bow, and it's done!! Oh, I also really chalked the papers pretty heavy, and distressed them quite a bit too!! thanks for stoppin' by!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2010 Camaro....a brand new day!!

So sorry.......another lo of the Camaro, but I couldn't help it; I love that car and had these wonderful pics, and being a scrapper, well, you know!!!!! I used my new line of Prima papers and the paper flowers that match!! I even used the back of the tablet the paper came in as the background for this lo!! I "REALLY" distressed the papers on this, and cut that little girl out of one of the papers!! Rub-on, stars, and crystals are also Prima!! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Love at first sight...."2010 Camaro"

I have always been a real car buff, and over the years have had many hot rods!!! Think I've owned four camaro's over the years, a SS Chevelle,an SS Nova(actually two), a Chrysler 300, so when I saw the movie Transformers, and Bumblebee the Camaro.....I've been waiting for them to appear ever since!! Well they hit the dealers here last month (the 18th), and this week-end I went to visit the kids, and drug them to the Chevy dealer to see one!! I prefer black, but they did have this red one, and wow.....what a car! It is just way too cool!! I was given instructions when I left home, NOT to bring one home.......which I didn't (only because it wasn't black, he-he). So I took a bunch of pics, and this is one of them...isn't it just soooooooooo cool??? Thanks for stoppin' by!!