Sunday, January 18, 2009

We were warned of an impending storm heading our way that Saturday, so I went out around 4 pm that day and took this picture of our pasture. And sure enough, the next morning we had another two feet added to the already foot of snow on the ground. On this lo, once again some elements from the florist department. Hand cut the snowmen from some paper, added a flourish and some bling, and went crazy with the "Snow Tex!" Added it to the top of lo to look like it had been snowing on it. Also added it to my title letters, and to the small snowballs that the snowmen are throwing in the air to give a 3-D effect! And as always, inked and edged my edges for the vintage feel that I love! Needless to say, cannot wait for spring!!


  1. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love all of the details. So much to look at!! TFS!