Sunday, January 18, 2009

This was inspired by all the snow we had dump on us the past couple weeks. Ended up with about three feet total........ugh!! I layered the background papers three deep, with a layer of Prima Lace in the middle of layers to add some depth to the lo. I also added some floral elements, chipboard flourish, and som Snow Tex to add a little something special! I have always been a big fan of details, and one that I truly love to do since day one, has been the use of the chalk inks to edge everything on my lo's. I discovered it at my first convention, and have been hooked on it every since then. Sometimes I will do a heavy ink, and sometimes I don't. Very rarely will you see a lo of mine without the inked edges. It's hard for me not to ink, I just love the effect it gives to the lo. I also love the scalloped edges. You will see that in alot of my background papers. Just another one of my little quirks that I like!! I also find it relaxing to punch all those little holes by hand.......yep, all by hand! This lo has three layers of scalloped edges, time consuming but worth the effort I think!

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