Monday, January 19, 2009

This is NOT a pretty lo, but what I was going for was the feel of that "MUD SLIDE" and I feel I did capture it!! It truly looks like mud and debris on this lo!! I had to think awhile to figure out how to capture that image of the mud, trees, logs, and debris floating around me, and after much thought, I came up with it!! First I took a piece of cardboard, tore the top off to expose the inside, then I started inking the whole thing. I inked real heavy in places, and not so heavy in others. Then I took my "Snow Tex" and randomly layered on the piece. I mounted my pics on some Basic Grey Wassail paper, inked it real heavy, and then distressed them. I then placed them randomly, along with the inked title, and adhered them, using Aileen's tacky glue. I then started adding the branches which came from the floral department at craft store. I also used the pieces of paper that I tore off the cardboard inked them VERY heavy, and stuck them here and there, as though they floated there! I also randomly placed leaves, after wrinkling them, and adding a touch of ink. My journaling strips are inked, and attached as to raise them up at intervals to give a wave effect! I know it is for sure not pretty, but I truly think it captures that slide! Thanks for lookin'!!

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