Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Fox .................... OMG ~ I won 1st place......wowieeeeeeee!!!

                                                                      Viva La Vista- Fox

This is for the challenge at Viva La Vista - fox!! I had to design my own own, since I had no pattern for one!! I think he turned out pretty cute!! I know they normally have a pointed nose......but I wanted to make mine different, so he has a round nose made with flannel material, and the rest of his body is made with Mohair! He is fully jointed too! If you look close, you'll see his tail showing, with the little white tip they have!! The bottom half of his little face is white too, with his white belly! If you click on pics they will enlarge for closer view! Sure hope you like him, and thanks so much for stoppin' by and takin' a peek! Teresa*