Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Spite of this....We LOVE you!!

A picture of Dorothy chewing on Curt's shoe! One of her fav things to do!!She also loves to hang around dryer when getting clothes out, and if something gets dropped, it's keep away time!! The little fences on lo represent the fact that we have had to put up a fence just for her, because if she gets out....she "JETS!" And when you call her,she blows you off.....
I understand that is a Terrier trait!(But.....we LOVE her anyway!! Added a ton of goodies to this, really distressed the papers, and added a Dusty Attic frame! Thanks so much for stoppin' by my place and takin' a peek, I truly appreciate it! Teresa


  1. She is just adorable Teresa! No wonder you love her!

  2. what a beautiful lo. Love every detail

  3. I dont speak english very well but i want to tell you i love your work its so beautiful!