Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tutorial for my "Handmade Letters!"

This will hopefully help everyone to be able to make my favorite letters!! I have had so many requests for the technique, I decided it was easier just to post it here so everyone could see it! This first picture is of the Basic Grey letters that I have been using as my template!! You can get these 12x12 sheets of alphabets just about anywhere, most scrap stores carry some brand of this type, you decide how big you want!!
First picture is the template I use to trace my letters! They are Basic Grey, that come on a 12x12 piece of cardstock. Most scrap stores carry some similiar to these if you cannot find these exact letters!
Second picture is the letters traced onto the matching paper I chose for my lo. I then cut them out, then "rough" them up with my exacto knife shown in picture. Roughing them up, is merely "scraping" the edges of letters with your knife! The more you scrape, the "fluffier" they will look! the letter to left of pic has been scraped, the right has not! (It is very tidious work holding those tiny little letters, while you scrape away at them......but well worth the effort I think!!)
The third picture is the "roughed" up letters glued onto a second piece of paper! It too, will match the lo I am working on! I always use Aleene's Tacky Glue for this project. I then cut the letters out, leaving about 1/8 inch of paper all around the letter, then again, "rough" up the edges of this paper too! Remember, the more you "scrape" the fluffier, they become!! (You can click on a picture,it will become larger so you can have a better look at the image!)
Fourth picture is a "third" paper that I chose to add to these particular letters! You may be happy with just the two layers, sometimes that's all I do, but these needed a dark background to stand out againest the lo I am making.
So I have added a dark brown cardstock to them, and again, repeated the "scraping" on the edges of letters after cutting them out!! The amount of layers you do is entirely up to you, I always make that decision as the lo takes shape!
The last picture is of the finished letter with three layers to it!! Just remember, the more you scrape, the fluffier they look!! The fun of these handmade letters, is the fact that they match "your" lo, and YOU made them!! So have fun, and if you have any question, PLEASE feel free to ask me!! I hope I have made this easy for you to understand! And.............for those who asked about the hearts.....the very last picture is my Prima Stamp!! I stamp that heart onto matching paper for lo, then use my gel pen, or watercolor pensils to color the flowers, cut it out, then glue onto coordinating cardstock, then cut out with my scalloped scissors!! The trouble is finding that stamp!! I need a new one, almost have that one wore out, and cannot find them!! Hope you were able to understand directions.....if you have questions, please feel free to ask!! Teresa


  1. Realy love that layout !
    Nice how you make the letters .
    I have that heart stamp too and it is so great to work with ! I buy it in the lokal store and maybe they have one left, do i have to look for a new one for you ?

  2. I had been wondering about that heart stamp; after seeing it in so many of your layouts. I thought you had referred to it being a Prima
    Stamp before and I too haven't been able to find it. I love the shape of the heart! The flowers on it just add to it's beauty and unique-ness. Love all of your layouts!

  3. I love your letters and always used to hand make mine but have become lazy recently!
    I can't believe you do three layers sometimes!!! phew!!
    Having been the lucky recipient of some of your gorgeous Prima hearts I can truly appreciate the work that goes into them.....shame you need to buy another one though...Prima should send you a new one as an award for being the first person to actually wear a stamp out!!
    Love Ruth xxx

  4. Hello my friend! I have an award to you in my blog, bacause I am incredibly inspired by your lovely works! ;)

    Have a nice day, hugs Ulrica