Monday, May 4, 2009

Love at first sight...."2010 Camaro"

I have always been a real car buff, and over the years have had many hot rods!!! Think I've owned four camaro's over the years, a SS Chevelle,an SS Nova(actually two), a Chrysler 300, so when I saw the movie Transformers, and Bumblebee the Camaro.....I've been waiting for them to appear ever since!! Well they hit the dealers here last month (the 18th), and this week-end I went to visit the kids, and drug them to the Chevy dealer to see one!! I prefer black, but they did have this red one, and wow.....what a car! It is just way too cool!! I was given instructions when I left home, NOT to bring one home.......which I didn't (only because it wasn't black, he-he). So I took a bunch of pics, and this is one of them...isn't it just soooooooooo cool??? Thanks for stoppin' by!!


  1. That layout is really beautiful!!!

  2. I think it's fab how you have dedicated your love to the car on a layout I am lusting after a coat I can't afford do you think I should photograph it and get it out of my system with scrapbooking therapy?!!!

    ps: beautiful colours love the tenderness to this page. xxx